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Dust treatment scheme for 3D printing industry

Dust control in 3D printing industry

3 d printer as nowadays, high-tech products, the technics of powder metal or plastic adhesive materials, to construct the object by means of step by step a printing technology, because of the need to glue in the process of printing materials in order to better adhesion forming heated to high temperature, the process will inevitably produce finely granular (part of the particles is solidified, as part of the cycle of inert gas and waft), if you don't have some dust and its random discharge, leading workers after inhaling these particles, the particles may be deposited in the lungs, or directly absorbed by the blood and thus potentially hazardous to health, Causes include heart and lung death, stroke and asthma.

3 d printing should be carried out in the body cavity closed state of the equipment operation, mainly to avoid operators in cleaning, adjusting sintering workpiece cavity when inhalation of metal dust, or safety accident, printing devices equipped with inert gas to take operation circulation scattered small particles, can use this point vacuum filtration equipment access circulation pipe, at the same time in order to prevent dust explosion, must select explosion-proof type of 3 d printing special dust collector.According to the size of the print cavity reasonable selection of ventilation times, equipped with the right power vacuum cleaner to achieve the best treatment effect and the highest efficiency.

Dust control in 3D printing industry

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